[2016-07-01] Move to github

After a discussion on the gearman Google Group, a move has begun to move development to Github.

Documentation and website updates are under way, as well as production of new releases. Please stay tuned!

[2012-04-12] java-gearman-service v0.6

java-gearman-service v0.6 has been released. The following changes have been made:

  • The service now uses the slf4j logging facade, allowing the user to have better control over logging.
  • Persistent background jobs are now supported though an application hook
  • The API has been updated to be more user friendly, and it makes it easier to create divide-and-conquer/mapreduce applications (breaks the code of previous versions)
  • A .properties file now may be used to set property values and finetune application.
  • The javadocs have been completed
  • Various bug fixes

You can find the newest version on the google code page.