This is the hand-created ChangeLog used prior to v1.1.3. Please refer to git log for changes after that.

1.1.12 Sun Feb 9 04:27:38 PST 2014 * GEARMAN_SERVERS environmental variable for libgearman to pick up servers to communicate with. This means that any driver now linked with libgearman will be able to handle multiple servers. * Add INFO level messages for queue creation.

1.1.11 Thu Oct 3 04:38:47 EDT 2013 * Workers which return a bad gearman_return_t will be counted as an error by the server and not a final (i.e. they will be retried). * Fixed possible bug where the server would over count the number of NOOP sent if NOOP messages did not get sent.

1.1.10 Mon Sep 16 04:20:13 CDT 2013 * Added gearman_job_use_client() * Improve compile time. * Fix for NOOP failure (bad worker causes early exit of loop). * Fix for postgres (use INFORMATION_SCHEMA). * Added gearman_client_has_active_tasks() so that you can see if a client has active tasks that it is working on.

1.1.9 Fri Aug 2 02:39:25 EDT 2013 * Added gearman_task_is_finished() * Improved SSL support. * Exceptions are now supported. * gearmand accepts its root CA via the environmental variable GEARMAND_PORT. * libgearman will now accept GEARMAND_CA_CERTIFICATE, GEARMAN_CLIENT_PEM, and GEARMAN_CLIENT_KEY.

1.1.8 Thu Jun 6 18:47:01 EDT 2013 * Postgres test case now passes. * SSL support added. * OSX fixes.

1.1.7 Mon May 6 06:46:20 EDT 2013 * Cleanup of error codes returned by gearmand. * gearmand will now set its port from the env variable GEARMAND_PORT. * Fix issue where identifier might not be set correctly on reconnect.

1.1.6 Tue Apr 16 03:29:57 EDT 2013 * Merge of 1.0.4 tree * Added support for gearadmin to “cancel” a job. * Keep-alive support for gearmand has been extended (more options to control behavior). * Fixed issues related to clients who didn’t really support exceptions being passed exceptions.

1.1.5 Mon Feb 4 00:59:19 EST 2013 * Rollup of bug fixes for 1.0.3 * –threads=0 for gearmand will now result in gearmand using all available cores.

1.1.4 Mon Dec 17 21:24:16 EST 2012 * Add GEARMAN_CLIENT_GENERATE_UNIQUE, with default set to not generate. * Experimental addition to queue service which will allow a queue to be stored on shutdown (–libsqlite3-store-on-shutdown). * Rollup of all changes in 1.0.2

1.1.3 Wed Nov 7 22:48:21 EST 2012 * Merge with 1.0.1

1.1.2 Fri Oct 12 05:34:29 EDT 2012 * Merge with 0.41

1.1.1 Wed Sep 19 22:04:56 EDT 2012 * Merge with 0.39

1.1.0 Wed Sep 5 08:33:37 PDT 2012 * Fix for ABI compatibility issues.

1.0.6 Mon May 6 02:48:30 EDT 2013 * strlen() of zero on name passed for instance did not result in a connection to localhost (which the php driver thought would happen). * Fix regression in log not updating time on all platforms. * Fix issue where pecl php wasn’t passing a null string to get default host.

1.0.5 Mon Apr 15 06:36:05 EDT 2013 * Fix for log_fn

1.0.4 Never Released * Added –coredump flag to gearmand * Removed result type enum, since the structure is never exposed to the user this was of limited use. * Assorted bug fixes.

1.0.3 Sun Feb 3 21:05:52 EST 2013 * Allow for a longer set of retries if port is in use when the server starts up. * Added checking for valgrind sgcheck * Fedora 18 fixes.

1.0.2 Mon Dec 17 07:24:42 EST 2012 * Add –expceptions to Gearmand to enable exceptions by default * Backtraces on some types of crashes. * Add GEARMAN_CLIENT_GENERATE_UNIQUE. * If the unique value passed to any client function is “#” then the unique value will be derived by hashing the workload that is being supplied to the function. * Optimize status requests so that they exit as soon as request is received. * Fix test case results for FreeBSD.

1.0.1 Tue Nov 6 01:07:07 EST 2012 * Stable branch labeled as 1.0 * Update all build related files. * Add a few additional platforms to the supported list.

0.41 Fri Oct 12 05:34:29 EDT 2012 * Switched from –having-debug to –enable-debug * Fix for SQLITE, it wasn’t replaying its queue on startup. * More testing done now on durable queues.

0.39 Wed Sep 19 03:36:06 EDT 2012 * Added gearman_job_error() interface. * gearman_client_errno() and gearman_worker_errno() now return EINVAL if client or worker is invalid.

0.38 Fri Sep 14 02:16:01 EDT 2012 * Updates for compiling on different platforms. * UUID portability fixes.

0.37 Sun Sep 2 22:51:08 EDT 2012 * Fix compiler issues around older compilers. Bug 1039629.

0.36 Sat Aug 18 16:57:13 EDT 2012 * Fix issue where sqlite was not correctly being shutdown. * Check for more warnings (and cleanup found from). * Fix thread safety issue for uuid_generate().

0.35 Sun Aug 5 16:03:21 EDT 2012 * Critical bug fix for rare case in which initialization of pipe for a worker fails. * Add support for MySQL specific driver to specify port. * Fix library issue with OSX Mountain Lion.

0.34 Tue Jul 10 21:19:10 EDT 2012 * Alpha support for direct MySQL queue. * XML option for testing under valgrind. * gearmand now allows for a user to specify the format for the server key * First pass support for checking status via unique value.

0.33 Thu May 3 22:09:29 PDT 2012 * Add –config-file option * Additional testing for Drizzle * Fix for OSX 10.6.8 compile issue.

0.32 Wed Apr 11 02:25:38 PDT 2012 * Fix for shutdown bug.

0.31 Sat Apr 7 11:56:58 PDT 2012 * Fixes for bugs 975591, 974712, 970828, 967859, 967463, * Valgrind fix around epoch retry. * Numerous issues cleaned up around bouncing server during testing.

0.29 Tue Mar 13 22:58:16 PDT 2012 * Additional Fixes for Postgres * Additional debug calls in server via tuneable logging. * Documentation update. * Fixes for Ubuntu 11.10

0.28 Thu Jan 26 22:43:46 PST 2012 * -v has been deprecated because of parsing issues. Please use –verbose instead * –log-file=stderr will set output to stderr. * Fix for gearman.spec file for rpm build.

0.27 Mon Jan 9 20:02:16 PST 2012 * Fix for TokyoCabinet * Build updates for building on Ubuntu

0.26 Wed Nov 30 09:25:49 PST 2011 * Completed support for syslog for gearmand * Fix libdrizzle issues * Add API for killing a worker.

0.25 Thu Nov 3 09:18:46 PDT 2011
  • 1.0 libgearman API extracted.
  • Fix for long function names.
  • Fix for Worker consuming CPU by hanging.
  • TokyoCabinet build fix.
  • Fix for 32bit fix.
0.24 Sun Jul 24 20:57:02 PDT 2011
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Updated test framework.
  • make fixes for Fedora.
0.23 Wed Jun 29 13:26:26 PDT 2011
  • Defined workers can now return GEARMAN_SHUTDOWN.
  • Benchmark worker can now be told to shutdown.
  • Allocator code has been cleaned up (gearman_allocator_t).
  • Added “workers” option to gearadmin
  • Workers will now default to -1 as timeout (lowers CPU on gearmand server for non-active workers).
  • SO_KEEPALIVE is now enabled on client/worker connections.
  • By default, workers now grab the unique value of the job.
0.22 Sun Jun 19 20:32:18 PDT 2011
  • Added gearman_work_map() for gearman_work_t describer.
  • gearman_execute_by_partition() added.
  • gearamn_task_attr_t added.
  • Additional documentation update.
  • Issue with PHP client using automated task free (Thanks Taneli Leppä!!)
  • Fixed issue where PHP client’s custom allocator was free’ing memory that did not belong to it.
0.21 Wed Jun 15 21:01:04 PDT 2011
  • Support for “drop function” in admin client
  • Fixed issue where server would not report on a bad unique value due to size
  • Forces do operations to complete no matter how the worker is designed.
  • Tasks inherit actions from client, and use them throughout execution.
  • Support for namespaces.
  • gearman_worker_define_function() has been added. It allows jobs to map out work to other workers and then aggregate the results.
  • gearman_client_run_tasks() will now reset the IO state for all connections on exit if all hosts have been marked down. The next call will check all hosts.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
0.20 Fri Apr 8 09:25:15 PDT 2011
  • gearman_client_execute() interface added
  • New types of gearman_unique_t, gearman_function_st, gearman_workload_t
  • Better error reporting from clients.
  • Server no longer hangs because of bad job list.
  • First bit of work on supporting epoch portion of protocol. John Ewart,
  • Improved error message handling in client.
  • Updates for manpages.
0.19 Fri Apr 1 09:50:22 PDT 2011
  • Fix bug where gearman util would create duplicate output.
  • Update sqlite queue so that it uses a prepared statement.
  • Fixes a number cases where server was not initializing default values internally correctly.
  • gearman_client_compare() API added. Returns true if the client connections are connects are equivalent.
0.18 Tue Mar 15 13:32:33 PDT 2011
  • Bug fix for compile when no plugins are requested.
  • Bug fix where during startup using Drizzle or MySQL the server could crash.
  • Bug fix to make sure test programs will run if NULL sized objects are sent.
0.17 Tue Mar 8 08:27:04 PST 2011
  • gearadmin added, easy access to shutdown, version, and verbose commands on the server.
  • Bug fixes related to CLI.
  • Bug fixes related to Memcached support.
  • Bug fixes related to Drizzle support.
  • Dependency on boost now required for build.
  • Drizzle queue module expects that a schema named “gearmand” exists.
  • Fix copyright headers were needed.
0.16 Tue Feb 22 10:55:33 PST 2011
  • Fixed cases where silent failure of server for queues would not cause tests to fail.
  • Fix for failure when setsockopt() failed on new connection.
  • Fixed silen exit in client library based on signals.
  • Error log now reports failure location in compiled code for ERROR conditions.
  • Fix for failover.
  • Fixed issue in client where it would silently die based on signal issues.
  • “verbose” has been added to the string protocol. It allows you to see what the verbose setting is.
0.15 Mon Feb 14 18:44:32 PST 2011
  • Numerous issues around overflow on buffers are now fixed.
  • Updates on gearmand daemon to share a bit more code.
  • Numerious fixes for gearman command line client.
  • IPV6 fix for server.
0.14 Wed Jun 30 13:04:39 PDT 2010
  • Leak in SQLite resolved.
  • updated build configs
  • Increased testting.
0.13 Sun Apr 4 14:45:08 PDT 2010
  • Fix for bug #518512.
  • Use OR REPLACE syntax for inserting items into the sqlite.
  • Changed default bitfield optimize setting to only be off for Solaris.
  • Refactoring on server.
  • Various bug fixes as reported on mailing list, such as a bad return code and treating EHOSTDOWN as lost connection for FreeBSD.
  • Fixed bug #543402 so jobs taking more than max job retries will be removed from persistentn queue as well.
  • Check to make sure worker job results match assigned worker.
0.12 Thu Feb 18 11:28:49 PST 2010
  • Fixed bug where memory loss occurred if data was too large.
  • Added gearman_strerror().
  • Fixed bug where setting an option off in mass would not trip any triggers on the option (for both worker and client).
  • Options that are internal can no longer be set by external callers.
  • Deprecated gearman_client_set_event_watch_fn() and gearman_worker_set_event_watch_fn.
  • gearman_job_handle() and gearman_job_function_name() now return const char* pointers
  • gearman_worker_unregister now returns GEARMAN_NO_REGISTERED_FUNCTION if the function does not exist (or is being removed)
  • Added gearman_worker_function_exist()
  • Trying to send too large of a piece of data will result in GEARMAN_ARGUMENT_TOO_LARGE.
  • Added support for gearmand command client to daemonize and create a pid file.
  • Fixed job handle comparison bug with WORK_FAIL responses.
  • Fixed disable assert configure option.
  • Build system updates.
0.11 - 2009-11-30
  • Added max wakeup-worker option to gearmand. Default is still to wakeup all.
  • API and documentation cleanup.
  • Fixed bug where task context free function was getting called for do() functions. This was PECL/Gearman bug #16899 as well.
  • Fixed bug #458912, not flushing with multiple gearmands in client.
  • Fixed PECL/Gearman bug #16847, was actually in C library and not in PHP.
  • Fixed C++ build/test/ issue, updated pandora build system.
  • Removed packet varargs function.
0.10 - 2009-09-28
  • Added timeout option.
  • Separated libgearman client/worker library from the server/gearmand code.
  • Added server option for max job retry.
  • Changed queue_libdrizzle to overwrite the password string to hide in ps.
  • Worker unregister bug fixed. Bug #372074
  • Added memory ownership functions so applications can pass control with tasks, jobs, and packets.
  • Changed gearmand to remap stdio to /dev/null for detaching. Bug #407242
  • Fixed bug that now allows workers to run concurrent jobs.
  • Changed behavior of sending NOOPs to one per PRESLEEP, rather than only having one in the outgoing queue at any time.
  • API cleanup to make the code more consistent and object-oriented.
  • Added more documentation for base classes, client, and worker.
  • Build system updates.
0.9 - 2009-07-20
  • Added libsqlite3 persistent queue support (Cory Bennett).
  • Added libpq (PostgreSQL) persistent queue support.
  • Updated autoconf build system.
  • Doxygen documentation cleanup.
  • Bug fix in HTTP protocol module.
0.8 - 2009-06-30
  • Added pluggable protocol support.
  • Added basic HTTP protocol support.
  • Updated autoconf build system.
  • Renamed modconf to gearman_conf.
  • Improved logging messages for gearmand.
  • Removed all struct memsets and packed structs for better memory usage.
  • Fixed client connect bug with multiple job servers.
  • Fixed server spinning bug with long running jobs and large workloads.
0.7 - 2009-05-31
  • Added libmodconf for config option processing. Eventually this will be split into a separate library. Updated gearmand and tests to use libmodconf.
  • Fixed persistent queue bug where jobs were not removed after replay.
  • Fix for bug #379198.
  • Changed done() function for queue, function_name is now passed to it as well as unique.
  • Fixed text protocol command response to be dynamic length.
  • Fixed libevent usage to support libevent 1.1 (still used in CentOS and Suse).
  • Added gearman_*_add_servers to client/worker interfaces for taking server lists.
0.6 - 2009-05-19
  • Changed behavior so forground jobs are not run when their connected clients disconnect. This is how the Perl server behaves.
  • Changed to named logging macros, making it easier for module writers to use.
  • Added persistent queue support with a libdrizzle module. This allows queue storage for both Drizzle and MySQL.
  • Added Solaris service scripts (Trond Norbye).
  • Fixed rpm building (make rpm).
  • Removed AI_V4MAPPED for client/worker connect lookup, not fully supported in all operating systems (like FreeBSD, bug #373060).
  • Support for gearmand to bind to multiple addresses.
  • Protocol document updates and fixes (Eric Day, Eric Herman).
  • Bind to specific hostname in gearmand (Brian Moon).
  • Minor cleanup and fixes.
0.5 - 2009-04-22
  • Threaded Gearman job server (gearmand).
  • More options to gearmand.
  • OSX bug fixes related to poll().
  • Fix for bug #357881.
  • Man page rework.
0.4 - 2009-03-30
  • New protocol additions such as UNIQ grab and assign for workers.
  • Support for high priority background jobs (Brian Moon).
  • Support for low priority jobs.
  • New priority queue in server to support new protocol options.
  • Reworked the unique ID checking in server.
  • Added hooks to aid in client memory cleanup.
  • Added gearman command line utility to allow you to use clients and workers from the shell.
  • Build fixes (Monty Taylor).
  • Basic init script added.
  • Fixed getopt bugs with variable type and EOF.
0.3 - 2009-02-05
  • Fixed I/O wait bug in packet parse.
  • Switched to different autoconf library detection method.
  • Added detach option to gearmand, can now run in background.
  • Reworked much of the client code for better concurrency and efficiency.
  • Added benchmark utilities.
  • Added man pages.
  • Changed port to new IANA assigned port, 4730.
0.2 - 2009-01-16
  • Improved gearmand efficiency by tracking events and reducing syscalls.
  • Reworked most of the worker code, it now reconnects to the job server.
  • Added version/bugreport options to gearmand (Brian Moon).
  • Fixed bug #315652, libevent usage.
0.1 - 2009-01-08
  • First release.